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What To Expect From A "Hypoallergenic" Pet

What To Expect From A Hypoallergenic Pet
By Dr. Ian Kupkee
Over the past decade or so, the popularity of "designer" dogs and cats has been on the rise. One of the reasons for the uptick in demand is the claim that many of these hybridized pets are hypoallergenic. It is widely believed these breeds do not shed, and are ideal pets for humans who suffer from allergic responses to dogs or cats. But which breeds are truly 100% allergen free?
Unfortunately, the answer is none of them. While Labradoodle dogs, Rex cats and many others like them create a lighter allergen load, there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog or cat. Allergens are found in our pets' dead skin cells (or dander), urine, and saliva. While many of these breeds generate fewer allergens than others, there is no guarantee they will not create problems for a human companion with allergies. And while they may shed less hair than their  "allergenic" counterparts, make no mistake - they shed. Before deciding to take home an "allergy free" pet, be sure to spend lots of time with one to ensure they will be the right fit.

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