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Pet Insurance

Ensure the health of your beloved pets, both in the present and in the future.

When our new dachshund puppy Zohan was 8 weeks old, Dr. Kupkee and I purchased a pet insurance policy for him.

As a recovering life insurance agent, this was a big step for me. Having been indoctrinated for years that insurance is meant to cover catastrophic loss only, I spent the first seven years of my veterinary career talking clients out of insurance for their pets. I had seen too many clients have expensive claims denied because their pet's condition was congenital or associated with their breed. As far as I was concerned, any policy that did not cover a dachshund's $6000 back surgery was not something I would even consider promoting.

Today, I have two dachshunds, both of whom are covered by Trupanion Pet Insurance. I only wish I had come to my senses before Grendel required knee surgery! Ironically, I may get a chance to right that wrong. Last week, one of our technicians pointed out that Zohan periodically lifted one of his back legs while running, and would likely need knee surgery in the future. When I told Dr. Kupkee, he shrugged and said "No worries. He's Trupanion-ized!". It may not be a real word, but it's real peace of mind!
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