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Senior Wellness – why is this important?

Senior Wellness – why is this important?

Last Friday, Sabal Chase Animal Clinic hosted Yappy Hour in honor of Grendel's eighth birthday.  She is now officially a canine senior citizen.  But thanks to modern diagnostics that emphasize early detection and prevention of disease, "senior" is the new forty!
My keen, young employees are often baffled by the number of reminders that pop up on the Kupkee family's cell phones: mammogram, cholesterol screening, PSA check, stress test, blood pressure check, and the daily chirps and chimes that remind us to take our multivitamins and calcium supplements.  Someday they too will turn forty, and will be told by their doctors that good health is now a decision, as opposed to a given.  The same is true of our pets.
Dogs and cats are considered senior citizens at eight years of age.  For giant dog breeds such as Mastiffs and Saint Bernards, Senior Wellness is recommended at age six.  As our pets age, their bodies undergo subtle changes that often go unnoticed by their owners.  Our new Senior Wellness Screening uses a combination of blood and urine testing to check the health of our pets' internal organs.  Many chronic diseases such as diabetes, Cushing's Syndrome, kidney disease and hypo/hyperthyroidism are easier and far less expensive to treat when they are detected early.  In many cases, simply adding a supplement or changing your pet's diet can manage their clinic signs, slow or stop the progression of the disease, and add many healthy, happy years to their lives.  A quick look at our pet's triglycerides can tell us if they are eating more protein than their changing bodies can safely process.  But as my own physician is fond of telling me, early detection is everything.
By negotiating with our local laboratory, we have been able to permanently reduce the price of this annual screening from $406 to $179 for dogs, and from $365 to $129 for cats.  We are thrilled to be able to provide this crucial component of senior pet care at this price!  This screening is especially vital for cats, as our feline friends are masters at hiding clinic signs of disease.  So if your pet is "of a certain age", please call our office to schedule a Senior Wellness visit.  And thanks again to everyone who joined us for Yappy Hour and made Grendel's entry into senior status memorable and fun!

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