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It's National Pet Fire Safety Day!

It’s National Pet Fire Safety Day!

According to the National Fire Protection Association,  roughly 1,000 house fires per year are accidentally started by pets.  While this number seems high, it’s a bit easier to fathom when you factor in all the ways in which our pets get into trouble.  Since today is National Pet Fire Safety Day, let’s talk about some ways to keep the whole family safe.

Switch to Flameless Candles

Many house fires are started when candles are knocked over by agile cats, or swept to the floor by dog’s wagging tail. It’s so easy to forget about a burning candle. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and switch to flameless varieties.

Cover Stove Knobs

A surprisingly high number of house fires are caused by “counter surfing” pets who accidentally turn on stove tops! Since toddlers and small children are guilty of this as well, there are many products on the market that turning on the stove impossible for both human kids and fur-kids.

Be Mindful of Electrical Cords

Dogs, puppies, kittens, cats, house rabbits - they all LOVE chewing and playing with electrical cords. Keep them out of your pet’s reach and consider securing pets in crates, or separate rooms when you are not at home.

Keep Crated Pets Near a Window or Door

This will make it easier for firefighters to reach them, which increases their chances of being rescued from a fire. Keep leashes nearby as well, as this can save precious time in a rescue situation.

Alert Firefighters to Your Pet’s Presence

If you don’t think firefighters are willing to risk their lives to save an animal, think again! That being said, make it a bit easier for them. If you’re calling in a fire, let them know how many pets you have and where they are located. Better yet, place “Save My Pet” decals on your windows. While we hope this type of advice is never needed, it’s always better to safe - and prepared - than sorry.

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