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Inappropriate Elimination in Cats Part 4 of 5

Here are some more suggestions to encourage proper use of the litterbox

  • Try Feliway. Feliway is a product that releases imitation cat pheromones. While the scent is undetectible to humans, it can be very calming for our cats. Feliway comes as a spray and a diffuser.  We prefer the diffuser to ensure consistent use.  A diffuser should be placed in each room or for every 650 square feet. Check out their website for more information: http://www.feliway.com/us.

  • If one cat is picking on another cat, it’s a good idea to put a collar with a bell on the cat that is the bully. Make sure the collar is a cat safe collar that breaks away if caught, or a collar with an elastic release.  This inter-cat intimidation can be very subtle, so watch for resource guarding and staring contests. These can be enough to cause a cat to avoid using the guarded litter box.

  • Cats will often mark territory more if they feel threatened by other cats, even outdoor cats. So, DO NOT feed any cats outside your house. Food will attract stray cats and potentially dangerous wildlife. There are feral cat spay/neuter trap and placement services in many communities. We recommend that you help these cats find forever homes versus taking their chances out in the wild.

To be continued, Part 5 next Friday!

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