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Do Pets Need Insurance? Part 3

Clients often ask if pet insurance
is necessary, and whether or not these products are worth the expense.  Let’s continue to look at how pet insurance
works, and explain how these products can benefit your pet.

Another reason the Kupkees chose
Trupanion for their pets was its commitment to covering breed-specific
disorders.  Specifically, Grendel and
Zohan are dachshunds, and dachshunds are at risk for severe and debilitating
back injuries.  While some back problems
can be managed medically, many others require immediate, surgical intervention.  Left untreated, these injuries almost always
cause paralysis.  The costs for back
surgery can range anywhere between $4500 - $6000!  Similar expenses can occur when treating
other breed-specific problems, such as hip dysplasia and certain cancers.  Many pet insurance companies do not cover
inherited or breed-specific health problems, so be sure to ask whether or not
they are covered before signing on the dotted line.

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