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Dental Hygiene for Cats: What Every Owner Needs to Know


Look at your cat’s tiny teeth, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to provide the dental care it needs. Knowing the dental hygiene steps that cat owners need to know to keep their cat’s teeth nice and healthy is an important part to keeping your fur baby healthy. 


Brush Cat’s Teeth Three Times a Week

Brushing your cat’s teeth is the cornerstone of any dental routine. It’s a short activity that you only need to do at least three times a week, yet it helps a great deal with your cat’s dental hygiene. The difference between the teeth of a cat that receives regular teeth brushing and one that receives none is night and day. 


Plaque and bacteria buildup is cats' number one cause of oral illnesses. If all that bacteria is allowed to live untreated, it will begin to rot your cat’s teeth and gums. Brushing their teeth every day will allow you to manage the buildup and keep it at non-dangerous amounts. 

Schedule Regular Appointments

Every dental hygiene routine will require occasional visits to the dentist. Veterinarians need to see your cat’s teeth often so they can curb any current problems from getting worse and protect them from getting any in the future. 


Yearly dental cleaning is also vital for your cat’s dental hygiene as it’s the best way to get rid of harmful bacteria hiding away in hard-to-reach places. It’s pretty common for oral illnesses to start beneath the gum line, and vets need to look clean and look under them to know the true extent of the problem. 


Watch What They Eat

Your cat’s diet is also a vital aspect of dental hygiene. Nutrition is what keeps your cat healthy enough to fight off any bacterial infections. They also need sufficient vitamins and nutrients to keep their teeth healthy and protect them from rotting. 


Interestingly, what you feed your cat can also help you in the dental cleaning process. Dry kibble is crunchy and coarse, which scrapes off the plaque from your cat’s teeth as they eat. Avoid giving them sticky and acidic foods, as these get stuck in their teeth and strip them of their protective lining!


Dental Hygiene Made Simple With Sabal Chase

Sabal Chase is an animal clinic that provides comprehensive veterinary care to the animals in the community. We make your life easier by providing everything from routine checkups to complicated surgical procedures. Your cat’s dental hygiene doesn’t need to be a chore; give us a call and book an appointment today to get the best dental care for your cat!


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