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Chew On This - It’s Pet Dental Health Month!


Chew On This - It’s Pet Dental Health Month!

By Dr. Ian Kupkee 

Sabal Chase Animal Clinic


The aisles of our local pet stores provide pet parents with a dizzying selection of treats and toys meant to satisfy our dogs’ instincts to chew. From natural choices such as pig ears and deer antlers, to toys made of rubber or rope, we often make our purchases based solely on what we think our dogs will enjoy. But when it comes to making decisions that preserve dental health, our pets cannot be trusted to choose wisely. 


Many dog toy manufacturers use words such as  “long-lasting” and “indestructible,” to market to pet parents with “power chewers” or “aggressive chewers” in their lives. While these durable toys can help prevent plaque formation, they are often harder than a dog’s teeth. Prolonged chewing on such hard materials can lead to wearing down of the teeth, as well as painful breaks and fractures. When selecting a chew toy, press firmly into the toy with your thumbnail. There should be a slight indentation left behind by the nail. Any toy that does not show an indentation can potentially break a pet’s teeth, and should never be given to our furry friends.


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