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Meet Humo, Our June Pet of the Month!

Meet Humo, our June Pet of the Month!June is Adopt A Cat Month! And three-year-old Humo hit the jack...
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Don't Push a Patient Pet

Last year, an acquaintance told my wife that they were forced to rehome their dog after said dog bit...
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It's Getting Hot Out There!

It’s Getting Hot out There!While the rest of the country begins to thaw, Spring in South Florida i...
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May Pet of the Month

Meet Cujo, our May Pet of the Month. Cujo is a 10 year old Sharpei mix with a heart of gold, and the...
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Pet First Aid Part 2

April is the American Red Cross’s Pet First Aid Awareness Month! Here are some vital pet first aid...
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Pet First Aid

April is the American Red Cross’s Pet First Aid Awareness Month! If you've ever thought about a ho...
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April Pet of the Month

Meet Piglet, our April Pet of the Month! Piglet is an 11 year old diva who shares her house with res...
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Pet Poison Awareness Part 2

While some human medications can be used safely in pets, always consult your veterinarian first. Nev...
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Pet Poison Awareness Part 1

Every year, thousands of dogs and cats are rushed to the vet after ingesting poisonous plants. While...
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March Pet of the Month

Our Pet of the Month for March is Sunny! Sunny is a 13 year old dachshund with an adorable overbite ...
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Dental Care At Home

If you’re like most pet owners (myself included), you’ve probably realized you could do a better...
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Is My Pet’s Mouth Really Cleaner Than Mine?

If you born any time before the Clinton administration, you probably remember hearing the expression...
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February Pet of the Month

Our February pet of the Month is Bandit! Little Miss Bandit was left with her siblings to fend ...
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Breaking Bad Habits

Every January,  we ask ourselves how we can do better in the New Year. While often daunting, an...
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Shedding The Holiday Pounds

Each year, the average American gains roughly six pounds during the holiday season.  And every ...
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All They Want For Christmas Is You

All They Want for Christmas is YouA client who was in last week confessed that while she loved the i...
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Homes for the Holidays

Homes for the HolidaysEvery January, shelters across the country are over run with adolescent puppie...
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December Pet of the Month

Meet Vixen, our December Pet of the Month! Vixen is a 13 year old “Redland Rescue” who hit the j...
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Sharing the Feast

Sharing the FeastEvery Thanksgiving season, many pet parents beg my permission to share the Thanksgi...
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Cat Nail Trims

Can I Really Cut My Cat’s Nails?Nail trims for cats are not nearly as scary as they sound.  W...
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