Today’s pet vaccines are safer and more effective than ever, and they’re helping dogs and cats enjoy more years by their owners’ sides.

Protect Your Pet with Safe, Effective Vaccines

Having your pet vaccinated and staying on top of necessary boosters safeguards them against a wide range of potentially deadly diseases. The risk of severe side effects or complications is low, and the benefits of vaccines greatly outweigh the minuscule chance of problems. At Sabal Chase Animal Clinic, we administer pet vaccinations in Kendall and are here to make sure your furry friend has the protection they need.

Core and Lifestyle Pet Vaccinations

We provide both core and lifestyle vaccines for pets. Core vaccines are the ones that are recommended for all dogs and cats because they provide protection from the diseases pets are most likely to encounter. A few of the most common core vaccines include Rabies, Parvovirus, and Distemper.

Lifestyle vaccines — also known as non-core vaccines — aren’t necessary for all pets. Instead, they are recommended based on lifestyle factors. For example, a cat who never goes outside doesn’t have the same vaccination requirements as an outdoor cat. And a dog’s vaccination needs vary based on whether they visit boarding facilities, doggy daycare, dog parks, etc. We’ll discuss your pet’s lifestyle with you to determine which vaccines are most suitable. Our goal is to provide the protection your furry friend needs without over-vaccinating them.

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Pet Vaccinations in Kendall

For pet vaccinations in Kendall, trust Sabal Chase Animal Clinic. We serve all of Miami-Dade County and would be honored to be entrusted with your precious pet’s care. Keeping your pet up to date on vaccines takes only a few minutes each year, and doing so could help them enjoy more years as your faithful companion. Please contact us today to learn more or schedule your dog or cat’s appointment.

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