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Meet Leo, Our August Pet Of The Month!

World, meet Leo. our August Pet of the Month!Leo is a five-year-old tuxedo cat who provides our team...
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Medical Problems of Indoor Cats

One of the most common sources of angst for veterinaryprofessionals is the plight of the underserved...
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Preparing Your Pets For Hurricane Season

It’s that time of the year, Miami.  We know what we’re supposed todo every June, and I’ll...
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Puppy Kindergarten

For people over the age of forty (like me), and folks whowere not brought up in this country (like m...
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Meet Finn, Our May Pet Of The Month!

This May, our Pet Of The Month is Finn!Finn is an eight-week-old Australian Shepherd, and the newest...
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Are You Allergic To Your Pet?

Roughly ten percent of Americans suffer from allergies tohousehold pets. As a result, many cats and ...
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Meet Oscar, Our April Pet Of The Month

World, meet Oscar, our April Pet Of The Month!Earlier this year, this sweet boy accidentally escaped...
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Cats and Essential Oils: A Hidden Hazard

March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month!  Many pet parents areaware of the dangers to pe...
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Meet Oliver, Our March Pet Of The Month!

World, meet Oliver - our March Pet Of The Month!Oliver is a two-year-old Russian Blue who was abando...
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Canine Flu-Watch 2018

This year,humans aren’t the only ones at risk from the misery of influenza. The neweststrain of Ca...
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Meet Baxter, our February Pet of the Month!

This February, our Valentine Sweetie/Pet of the Month is Baxter!At sixteen years young, this sassy s...
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The House That Irma Built: How A Hurricane Changed Our Home

The House That Irma Built: How a Hurricane Changed Our Home By Dr. Ian KupkeeWhat could possibl...
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A Runner's Guide To Off-Leash Dogs

If getting into shape is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you may be one of the many Americans ...
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Pet Toys That Teach

If your furry friends have been good this year, and you plan to hang their stockings, consider askin...
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Meet Josie, Our December Pet Of The Month!

Josie is a four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who loves to snuggle! When she's not lounging in a lap, J...
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Introducing A New Cat To An Established Cat

A Tale Of Two Kitties:Introducing A New Cat To An Established CatWhen bringing a new cat into a home...
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Meet Ricky, Our November Pet Of The Month!

World, meet Ricky, our November Pet of the Month!Ricky is a 14-year-old Maltese who's the apple of h...
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Introducing A New Dog To An Established Dog

If you decide your dog needs a friend, remember the value of first impressions. What happens during ...
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Meet Boris, Our October Pet Of The Month

World, meet Boris, our October Pet Of The Month!Boris is an eight-year-old-tabby who genuinely enjoy...
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Hairballs Happen

Hairballs HappenBy Dr. Ian KupkeeMankind has been fascinated for thousands of years by the regal and...
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