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Youngsters or Adults?

Youngsters or Adults?

If you have decided you are ready for a pet, decide if you would like to adopt an adult, or bring home a puppy or kitten.  Puppies and kittens (especially puppies), whilst adorable, require a tremendous amount of patience and work.  They cry throughout the night.  They need to be potty trained.  They need to be socialized, and are constantly learning.  They chew, they jump, they make mistakes.  And just when you think the puppy nonsense is over, they morph into rebellious adolescents.  Our young Zohan was an easy puppy, but his adolescence was a nightmare.  Raising him from eight weeks was rewarding and fun, and was he ever cute!  But make no mistake - it was a *lot* of work.  Ask yourself if you have the patience for a puppy and be honest.  Don’t worry, we won’t judge you!

Zohan at 6 weeks old

The other option is to adopt an older pet.  The down side is that you miss out on the puppy/kitten phase.  The upside is that you miss out on the puppy/kitten phase!  While adopting an older pet can mean adopting a pet with an uncertain medical or behavioral history, reputable rescues do a great job of maintaining histories when possible.  A certified trainer or behaviorist will often offer pet selection services that can help you to assess an older pet’s temperament.  Their trained eyes can easily spot behaviors and character traits that can help you to choose a pet with the right temperament for your family.  It is always wise to consult these caring professionals when bringing home a new addition, whether it be a puppy or an adult.  We recommend Edel Miedes of K9 Advisors ( and Dee Hoult of Applause Your Paws (.  Please call our office for any additional information.

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