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Why Is My Dog Whining? 5 Common Reasons And How To Stop This


It can be very frustrating when our canine companions are whining or barking, especially when doing it for attention. You may feel they want something from you, but that isn’t always true. Some dogs are prone to whining, and it can be difficult to stop this behavior.


Here are five common reasons why your dog may be whining and how you can stop them from doing so:



There’s nothing worse than being bored, and dogs are no exception. If your dog is whining, it’s likely because they want something to do. It could be walking or playing outside, but it could also be something as simple as a chew toy. If your dog is whining and you’re unsure why, try giving them some toys or taking them out for a walk. This can help keep boredom at bay and prevent them from whining.



Sometimes your pup just needs a little attention from you. Pet owners can sometimes get busy with work and other activities and completely forget to give our furbabies the love and attention that they need and deserve. You can carve out some time in the mornings and afternoon to spend time with your pup and give them a belly rub. 


We all know that dogs cannot lie or hide something from us. So if your pup starts whining, you need to check them for any signs of illness. If they’re lethargic or have other symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea, it could be a sign that they are sick and need to see the vet ASAP!

Better to prevent than to cure, right?



Dogs are very vocal about being hungry! If you have a dog whining, they are likely hoping for some food. After all, dogs can only hold out for so long before they start to get hungry! So if your pup starts acting up when they see you cooking dinner or eating lunch themselves, this could cause their whining.


So you better serve them delicious food, or they’ll keep whining.



According to a study, more than 70% of dogs display anxiety. This can be due to many things, including separation anxiety, car sickness, and general nervousness. Anxious dogs will often whine as a way to let you know that they are feeling stressed out.


So to release their anxiety, do things like playing with your pup, taking them for walks, and giving them lots of affection. This can help keep their anxiety levels down, so they are less likely to whine when stressed out.

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