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The Benefits of Kennel Training


The Benefits of Kennel Training

While veterinarians and behaviorists generally agree that crate training is ideal for both puppies and adult dogs, many pet parents confess they cannot bear the thought of seeing their pets "locked in a cage." Our dogs' wild ancestors, however, spent much of their time in dens. The den was where they would sleep, hide, shelter from the elements, and raise their litters. Kennel training simply takes advantage of the natural instincts our pets still possess as descendants of these early den dwellers. 

A kennel trained dog will perceive their kennel as a safe space in which to ride out thunderstorms, take a break from a bustling party, or duck out of reach of a curious, but overbearing toddler. Dogs who know they can retreat to their own space are better equipped to cope with anxiety, and therefore less likely to bite. Additionally, crate trained dogs are happier at boarding facilities, meaning we pet parents can travel with greater peace of mind. When we decide to bring our pets along for the trip, the kennel provides instant familiarity and comfort. While the surroundings may be new and strange, kennels allow our dogs to feel like they are traveling with their own special room, as well as joining us in our adventures. And the only thing more fun than discovering the world, is discovering it with a dog.

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