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Summer and Pets

Summer And Pets
By Dr. Ian Kupkee
As summer drags on, and many of us continue to work from home, we're likely to have more time to spend outdoors with our pets. While pets appreciate the additional attention, it's important to remember the increased hazards that accompany outdoor activities here in South Florida.
Higher resting body temperatures and dense coats make pets much more likely to suffer from heatstroke than their human companions. The best times to exercise pets, especially brachycephalic, or "smush-faced" breeds, is early in the morning, or at dusk. Provide plenty of fresh water and bring pets inside at the first sign of excessive panting. Keep dogs away from bufo toads as their venom can cause seizures and death. Finally, before leash walking pets, place a hand on the pavement to check the temperature. If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for them. Postpone the walk until a cooler time of day to avoid burning your pet's paws.

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