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Routine Skin Care For Pets


By Dr. Ian Kupkee

Sabal Chase Animal Clinic


It’s no secret that South Florida’s harsh, muggy climate can challenge the health of a pet’s skin and coat. Add in year-round pollen blooms and ubiquitous mold, and the result is often an itchy pet with a frustrated pet parent.


Many skin infections can be prevented by keeping the coat clean and free from debris. This means regular bathing and grooming which many owners - and pets - find challenging at best. Additionally, the dizzying selection of pet shampoo can leave owners wondering where to start. Look for products free from controversial ingredients such as detergents, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and dyes. Avoid shampoos that kill fleas and ticks as these can be toxic for pets as well. If your pet is one of the many who hate baths, consider a leave-in mousse that can be used on a more regular basis, as this can reduce the need for frequent bathing. Finally, be sure to rinse your pet’s ears with a product designed to dry the ear canal following every bath or swim. This will prevent lingering moisture from causing ear infections.


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