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Puppy Kindergarten

For people over the age of forty (like me), and folks who
were not brought up in this country (like me!) the growing popularity of puppy
kindergarten can come as an initial shock.  While it’s easy to see how
spending time in a classroom full of puppies would be fun, I am sometimes asked
if such classes benefit the puppies, or are simply an example of brilliant marketing.

The first 8-10 weeks of a puppy’s life is known as the Fear
Impact Period. Puppies are easily frightened, and lessons learned during this
stage tend to be permanent. During this time, it is crucial to expose your
puppy to as many new experiences as possible, provided they occur in a
positive, controlled setting. During this vital stage of life, puppies are
taught to properly interact with other dogs in a fun, non-threatening
environment. Such classes also provide play-based introductions to obedience
concepts. These early sessions are geared  toward building confidence and
providing positive experiences, rather than teaching specific behaviors. The
result is a confident, well-socialized dog who is eager to learn how to better
meet your expectations in every stage of life.

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