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Pooches, Paws and Pavements

When it comes to summer temperatures, August in Miami is about as brutal as it gets. While most dog owners are aware of the risks of heatstroke in overly active pets, many are surprised by the effect of heat on dogs who are simply going for a walk.
Temperatures on or near the ground range from ten to forty degrees higher than ambient temperatures. This is especially problematic for darker colored dogs, brachycephalic (or "smush-faced") dogs, or dogs who are lower than usual to the ground. Outdoor exercise for these pets is especially challenging, and heat exhaustion can set in quickly. Additionally the ground temperatures of sidewalks and asphalt can burn the pads of their feet. A good rule of thumb when measuring heat tolerance is to simply place your hand on the pavement. Temperatures which feel uncomfortable for a human are likely to be dangerous to a dog. Until the hottest days of summer have passed, dog owners are advised to schedule walks for early mornings and after dusk.

Hot street, hot feet!

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