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New Year, New Pet ID


New Year, New Pet ID

By Dr. Ian Kupkee

Sabal Chase Animal Clinic


With the holidays in the rear view mirror, it's a good time to make sure all our pet's records are up to date. A good place to start is by making sure the information connected to microchips and tags is still current. 

When pets in Miami-Dade County receive their rabies vaccinations, they are also issued a county tag. On the back of each tag is a QR code to help anyone who may find a lost pet locate its family. Many pet parents are unaware, however, that this code is not preloaded with a family's contact information. When a tag is sold, pet parents must register it through the website on the back of the tag. This is not the same as registering your pet with Miami-Dade county. The latter is done by most veterinary facilities at the time of purchase. It's important for pet parents to go to in order to reap the full benefit of the QR code. When life changes, this information should be updated to reflect those changes. The same holds true for microchips. Before the new year brings new distractions, take a few moments to make sure all information is still relevant. The more accurate the registration, the greater the chance of a lost pet returning safely to its family.


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