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Meet Deagan, Our October Pet Of The Month!

Meet Deagan, Our October Pet Of The Month!

October is Pet Obesity Awareness Month! To celebrate, we’ve named Deagan our Pet of the Month. Deagan is the Sabal Chase equivalent of The Biggest Loser, having lost a whopping 17 pounds in 11 months! His mom credits reasonable portions of quality food, and more emphasis on exercise as key factors in his success. While it has been difficult at times to resist those big brown eyes, his increased energy levels and quality of life remind everyone in the household that the bigger picture is more important. Additionally, Deagan’s family has found healthy alternatives to pre-packaged pet treats. Treats are massive sources of hidden calories and fat. In his book “Chow Hounds”, veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward explains how a single Snausages SnawSomes Peanut Butter and Apple treat is the caloric equivalent of four large slices of Domino’s Pizza with extra cheese for a human! 


Congratulations Deagan, and brag to all your friends - you’re our Pet of the Month!

Deagan before

Deagan after!

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