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Meet Charley, our October Pet of the Month

October is Pet Obesity Awareness Month - and to draw attention to round hound reality, we've asked Charley to be our October Pet Of The Month!
Charley is a six-year-old, mixed breed pound pup with a big heart - and up until recently - an even bigger waistline. Because of his size, he was not a suitable candidate for anesthesia, and he developed severe dental disease. When Charley was adopted, his new mom and dad trashed the treats, changed his diet, and took him for brisk, daily walks. Thanks to their efforts, Charley has lost over nine pounds. That's roughly 22% of his body weight!
Congratulations Charley, and share with all your friends! You're our biggest "loser" - and our Pet Of The Month!

Charley before

Charley after

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