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Medical Problems of Indoor Cats

One of the most common sources of angst for veterinary
professionals is the plight of the underserved cat. Unlike their canine
counterparts, many pet cats never venture outdoors. While this is one of the
healthiest and most environmentally responsible choices cat owners can make,
the result is often a false sense of owner security.  It is often assumed
that cats who never go outside never get sick, and therefore never need to go
to the vet. Complicating matters further is the natural feline instinct to hide
the clinical signs of illness for as long as possible.

The most common diseases seen in indoor cats include
diabetes, renal failure, hyperthyroidism, dental disease, heart problems, and
urinary tract disease. When caught early, all of these conditions are easily
managed. Some can be reversed entirely, and others stopped in their tracks
simply by changing your cat’s diet or adding a supplement. In advanced stages,
however, these conditions become difficult and expensive to treat.
 Additionally, the cat’s prognosis may be far more uncertain. If your cat
lives exclusively indoors and has not had a checkup in over a year, call your
veterinarian and schedule a visit as soon as possible.  An annual exam can easily add years to the
life of your feline companion.

Indoor cats need checkups too!

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