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Living With A High Energy Dog

Living With A High Energy Dog
Those of us living with high energy dogs often wonder why our dogs are not content to sit quietly at our feet while we lounge at an outdoor cafe. We may wonder how we have failed at training, or suspected we simply have "bad dogs."  Our dachshunds do their best, but sitting still in the presence of so many interesting scents and sounds is a very tall order. While it's a nice fantasy, and not an impossible undertaking, it is not who they are.
For a high energy dog, using their senses to complete a task is often much more meaningful - and fun - than simply being by our sides. These dogs often benefit from nose work, activities where dogs work to find a scented object. While often associated with law enforcement, these activities can easily be modified to fit into the patterns of life at home. The games are fun for humans as well as adults, and children especially enjoy helping Fluffy with her "job." Ask your veterinarian to recommend a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who can teach your family the basics of canine nose work.

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