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It's Pet Dental Health Month!

It's Pet Dental Health Month!


Many longtime pet parents are aware of the Veterinary Oral Health Council's recommendation of annual dental cleanings for cats and dogs. What is not yet common knowledge, however, is that dental radiology, or x-rays, are rapidly becoming the standard of care in veterinary medicine. 

While many pets return home from a dental cleaning with fresh breath and sparkling teeth, it is possible they are also leaving the hospital with untreated oral infections. This is due to the fact that without taking x-rays of the teeth, it is impossible to see the many signs of decay and disease that often fester beneath the gum line. In fact, the teeth of dogs and cats are best likened to icebergs, with five eighths of each tooth living under the gums, and only three eighths living above them. With so much happening beyond our field of vision, it is vital that radiology be used to spot the unseen causes of suffering in our furry friends. When booking your pet's next dental cleaning, be sure to ask if the procedure will include this important tool in diagnosing and treating painful dental disease. 

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