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It's National Train Your Dog Month!

January is National Train Your Dog Month - and the beginning of a new year is a great time to address any behaviors that might be making life with your four-legged friend more challenging. Contrary to popular belief, older dogs can reasonably be expected to learn new tricks. And it's never too late to reassess any basic obedience commands that may be in need of fine tuning.
Start your assessment by asking yourself how your dog responds to basic obedience commands. Generally speaking, your dog should have good recall (meaning he will come when called, the first time he is called, even in the presence of distractions), should be able to walk politely on a loose leash, and be able to respond to verbal commands such as sit, down, stay and wait. At Casa Kupkee, Zohan is getting a refresher course on recall - because chasing squirrels is apparently

way more fun than coming when called! So get out there and train your dog! You're in good company. 


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