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It's National Mutt Day!

Why We Love Mutts

July 31st is National Mutt Day! Here are just a few of the reasons why we love mutts.

They’re one of a kind

With all the genetic mixing that goes into the creation of a mutt, even two puppies from the same litter can look completely different. Chances are, you’ll never meet another dog that looks exactly like yours.

They tend to have fewer congenital health problems

While this has never been scientifically proven, or even studied, most vets agree that mixed-breed dogs have fewer breed specific problems than their purebred counterparts. Problems that we do see in mutts, tend to be less pronounced and easier to treat. For example, a German Shepherd mix with hip dysplasia is may respond beautifully to supplements and a change in exercise routines. A purebreed, however, is more likely to need expensive orthopedic surgery. Pet insurance companies would seem to agree, as mutts are cheaper to insure. Which leads to the next point.

They’re a heck of a bargain

Mutts are often adopted from shelters for a modest adoption fee. Additionally, they are usually spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, heartworm tested and vaccinated before they leave the shelter. This saves hundreds of dollars in veterinary “start-up costs”. And did we mention they’re cheaper to insure?!

They’re great conversation starters

Whether it’s a trip to the dog park or a dog-friendly social event, someone is bound to ask “What kind of dog is that?” Instant ice-breaker!

You probably saved a life

Mixed breed dogs rarely make it out of shelters alive. And mutts seem to know it. Your reward? Unconditional loyalty and love, the likes of which you’d never imagined.

What do you love about your mutt? And don’t be shy! Send us a picture! We’d love to meet your mutt!

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