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Is My Pet Overweight? (Part 5 of 13)

Round Hound?  Curvy Kitty?  Click here for tips on peeling off the pounds! (Continued)
4) Hunger vs. Food Drive
Many pet parents object to reductions in portion size, insisting that their pets are always hungry.  Cats and dogs descended from wild animals whose every thought revolved around food.  The desire to seek out and obtain food, or food drive, was vital for their survival.  While our modern day house pets will never need to track and kill a wildebeest, most of them have retained that primal urge to obtain food.  This does not mean your pet is hungry, or underfed.  She is simply being an animal.  If she knows food is kept in the pantry, she will camp near the pantry.  If she knows treats come from Abuela, she will harass Abuela.  Fortunately, our pets have other drives that can often take the place of obsessive food drive.  A food-driven dog will usually enjoy a brisk walk.  Food-driven cats are often content to "kill" a crinkly toy.  Next time, we'll talk about how to make food drive work FOR you, rather than against you.

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