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Is My Pet Overweight? (Part 3 of 13)

Round Hound?  Curvy Kitty?  Here are tips on peeling off the pounds! (continued)

2) Feed Appropriately Sized Portions

Now that you've read about all of the quality ingredients in your pet's new food, you should follow the instructions on how much to give your pet.  Right?  WRONG!  The sad truth of the matter is that even the most conscientious pet food producers will never ask you to  use less of their product.  It is simply not in their best interests.  As a general rule, feeding instructions should be reduced by at least 20%.  If your pet has not lost weight after about four weeks, please call our office to see if further reductions are advisable.  Bear in mind that a cup equals eight ounces.  Many of the drinking cups we find in our kitchens hold between 12 and 16 onces.  Stop by Sabal Chase Animal Clinic for a free measuring cup to ensure you are measuring your pet's portions correctly.

If reductions are in order, make them gradually.  If your pet is still hungry, try adding chopped, cooked green beans to her diet.  They are inexpensive, palatable, high in fiber, and can add lots of volume for about ten calories.  This can help your round hound feel fuller and happier.  Never add butter, salt, or seasonings.  Does that mean "people food" is okay?  Not really.  Tune in next time for some shocking statistics on just how the calories contained in our food are processed by our furry friends!

 "Lovey adores her green beans - and she's lost six pounds!"

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