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If you're looking for tasty holiday treats, shop with caution

If you're looking for tasty holiday treats, shop with caution

On a recent trip to the pet store, I noticed that Zohan's favorite treats, bully sticks, were on sale.  Since I never walk away from a bargain, I put a few in my cart.  I'm not sure what compelled me to look at the label, but I was glad I did.  In tiny print at the bottom of the label were the words "Made in China".

In 2007, melamine tainted pet food caused the deaths of three patients at Sabal Chase Animal Clinic.  While pet food companies are quick to defend their practices, we recommend that our pet parents steer clear of pet foods made in China.  Many companies choose to keep their corporate entities here in the US, but move the actual plants to China, where they are managed by an American team and overseen by the FDA.  

For this reason, it is easy to assume that the US based company on the label is physically producing the product.  But read the fine print.  Since many companies are adopting this practice, Sabal Chase Animal Clinic has stopped carrying many of the treats our patients and clients have come to love.  However, health and safety are our first priorities.  

Mention this blog entry and receive a free bag of our new, custom made doggie treats.  They are low in fat with limited allergens, and best of all, baked with love right here in South Florida!

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