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Do Pets Need Insurance? Part 2

Clients often ask if their pets should have health insurance, and whether or not these products are worth the expense.  Let’s continue to discuss how pet insurance works, and explain how these products can benefit your pet.

When shopping for a plan, be sure to find out if congenital disorders are covered under the policy.  A congenital disorder is a condition that exists at birth, develops before birth, or develops during the first month of life.  Grendel has micro-vascular disease of the liver.  It is a common condition in small or undersized dogs, and is therefore considered a congenital disorder.  Since Trupanion covers congenital disorders, they are perfectly suited to insure her.  

This is also one of the many we reasons we recommend Trupanion to our clients.  If you plan to shop around, be advised that many pet insurance companies exclude these types of problems from their coverage plans.

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