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Do Pets Need Insurance? Part 1

Clients often ask if their pets should have health insurance, and whether or not these products are worth the expense.  In this series we’ll discuss how pet insurance works, and explain how these products can benefit your pet.

Grendel and her Trupanion Insurance Card!

Pet health insurance plans are indemnity contracts.  This means that the bill for veterinary care is paid by the client at the time services are rendered.  The client then files a claim and gets reimbursed. Pet insurance can literally be a lifesaver when the expense of an unexpected illness or accident is more than a family’s budget can accomodate.  While many plans cover routine wellness in addition to accidents and illness, the premiums for these plans are considerably higher.

As veterinary medicine becomes more advanced, new procedures and breakthrough treatments offer new hope for ailments that were once considered incurable.  With pet insurance, these advanced types of treatment become affordable for every pet parent.  Grendel and Zohan each have a policy with Trupanion.  While their daddy is a doctor, certain procedures, such as back surgeries and chemotherapy, are generally not available in general practice.  Trupanion gives their pet parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing that life-saving care is always within their reach.

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