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Dental X-Rays And Pets

Dental X-Rays And Pets
By Dr. Ian Kupkee
Most of us are accustomed to our own dentists routinely recommending dental radiographs as part of a routine dental wellness plan. It has only been fairly recently, however, that veterinary professionals began seeing the potential of dental radiology for the early detection of dental disease in companion animals.
Unlike human teeth, less than 20% of canine and feline teeth are visible above the gums. The other 80% of the tooth is hidden from sight, and is usually where dental problems begin. And unlike human patients, dogs and cats have a remarkable tolerance for dental pain. It is often not obvious to pet parents that their pets are suffering until secondary problems occur. By including x-rays as part of a routine dental cleaning, your veterinarian can diagnose disease and decay before your pet's health is compromised, and before the expense of treatment becomes difficult for pet parents to manage.

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