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Benefits of Microchipping Your Cat

The safety of your cat should be one of your top priorities. Cats love to go outside, explore and hunt for things, but that could also put them in harm's way. The best way to keep this from happening is by getting them microchipped. With microchipping, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved kitties.


Microchipping has many benefits:


It is safe and painless.

An implanted microchip is safe for cats because it does not require any anesthesia or sedation and does not interfere with their daily activities. The procedure takes only seconds and doesn't hurt at all; most cats won't even know anything has happened.

The microchip is undetectable by touch. 

One of the best things about a microchip is that it's invisible to the eye and can't be felt by touch. This makes it impossible for someone to remove or disable your cat's microchip without you knowing about it. The chip itself is tiny enough to be implanted beneath your cat's skin without causing any pain or discomfort. Once implanted, the chip remains in place for life and doesn't need to be re-scanned unless there's been some change in your pet's medical history (e.g., surgery or injury).

The microchip is permanent. 

A tag and collar can get lost or fall off. A microchip is permanently implanted under the skin and can't be lost or removed. It provides a permanent link that can't go missing or become unreadable as a collar and tag can.  

It helps get your cat back home if he strays.

A microchip can help you find your cat again if your cat gets lost. If a shelter finds a stray cat, they scan the animal for an identifying chip. If they find one, they'll call the number listed on the chip and reunite you with your pet. Without a microchip, getting your cat back could take weeks or months. 

Microchips Provide Safety for Your Pet

Microchips don't just identify your pet — they also help protect him from being sold or given away by someone else without your knowledge or consent. When you take your pet in for routine veterinary care or boarding at the vet's office, they scan him for his chip number and make sure that it matches up with his records in their database before giving him any treatment or boarding services. This ensures that no one can claim ownership of your pet without proof.

Overall, microchipping your cat is a fast and easy way to provide a measure of protection if ever she gets lost or separated from you. 


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