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Backyard "Pit"Falls And Pets


One of the rewards for enduring Miami's brutal summers is the stunning variety of tropical fruits that often grow right in our backyards. Mangoes, canistels, mamey and avocados are just a few of the delicacies that thrive in our climate with minimal maintenance by homeowners. Many pet owners are surprised to learn that our furry family members enjoy these tropical treats as much as we do. And they have no qualms about helping themselves to the fruit that falls to the ground. 

While the flesh of most tropical fruits is not toxic to pets, many will swallow the pits without bothering to chew them. Unfortunately, most pits are too large to pass safely through the pet's intestinal tract. This leads to life threatening blockages which can only be resolved by surgical intervention. If any such trees drop fruit in your yard, be sure to accompany your pet outdoors and supervise foraging activities. Pick up any fallen fruit promptly, and call your veterinarian immediately if your pet beats you to it.

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