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Are You Allergic To Your Pet?

Roughly ten percent of Americans suffer from allergies to
household pets. As a result, many cats and dogs are surrendered to shelters by
owners who feel they have no choice but to rehome their pets. While decisions
regarding the management of allergy symptoms are best made by patients and
their physicians, many allergic individuals find relief without removing their
pets from the environment.

Allergic symptoms and reactions are the result of the total
cumulative allergen load. In other words, allergy sufferers are generally
allergic to multiple triggers within the home besides the pet. Dust mites,
mold, natural fibers and cleaning products are also common household allergens.
By reducing the presence of other allergens, many pet owners find they can
tolerate the allergens produced by their pets. Allergic pet owners should also
consider making bedrooms off-limits to pets, changing air conditioner filters
more frequently, and limiting the use of fabrics inside the home. Such changes
can drastically reduce the total cumulative allergen load, as well as the
chances of having to say goodbye to a cherished member of the family.

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